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Administrative Profile

MIT World Peace University, Pune

  1. Co-Chairperson, IQAC (24.04.2019 – Present)
  2. Dean, School of Liberal Arts (24.04.2019 – Present)
  3. Dean, School of Performing Arts (24.04.2019 – Present)
  4. Dean, Faculty of Fine ArtsMedia and Journalism (24.04.2019 – Present)
  5. Dean, Faculty of Law (09.01.2021 – Present)
  6. Dean, School of Media & Journalism (24.04.2019 – 30.12. 2021)
  7. Director, Distance Education (24.04.2019 – 29.05.2020)
  8. Professor, Liberal Arts (24.04. 2019 – Present)
  • Align the academic objectives with the MIT-WPU vision and mission
  • Develop and oversee academic policies and procedures for the program
  • Academic planning and academic audit of the programs and implementation of academic policies approved by the Academic Council in respect of academic development
  • Measures to ensure Quality in education system
  • Maintaining standards of teaching and research and training of Faculty
  • Develop quality benchmarks or parameters for various academic and administrative activities of Higher Education
  • Auditing existing programme and development of new undergraduate,  postgraduate programme and doctoral studies
  • Facilitate creation of a learner-centric environment conducive for quality education
  • Feedback from Students, Teachers, non-teaching staff and the other stakeholders on quality related processes.
  • Work on the learning outcome of the program and take corrective actions wherever required
  • Ensure high standards of teaching methodology and effective methods for evaluating teaching effectiveness and encourage better practices to raise the standards of MIT-WPU
  • Define the teaching quality standards and ensure appropriate actions, as are needed for maintenance of quality of teaching
  • Prepare a plan of action post appraisal for further improvements in the faculty members to meet the standards
  • Recommend to the management proposals for the Institution of fellowship, travelling fellowship, scholarship, studentship, medals and prizes and making Regulations for their award
  • Recommend to the Management through the Academic Council proposal for the conduct of inter-faculty and area of regional studies, common faculty such as Instrumentation Centres, Knowledge Resource Centres, Science and Technology Parks and Entrepreneurship Development and Industry Incubation Centre, Intellectual Property Rights Centre, Workshops, Hobby Centers, Museums etc
  • Control, regulate and co-ordinate research activities to maintain standards of teaching and research in the University Departments
  • Recommend to the Academic Council the norms of recognition of postgraduate teachers and research guides in post-graduate departments in colleges, autonomous Colleges and Institutions, empowered autonomous colleges, cluster of Institutions and recognised Institutions
  • Responsible for ensuring standards of under-graduate and post-graduate teaching and research in the faculty
  • Responsible for ensuring academic development of the faculty under his purview and proper implementation of the decisions of the Board of Studies, Faculty, Academic Council, Management and the Board of Examinations and Evaluation in respect of his faculty.
  • Conduct examinations with authenticity and sanctity
  • Be responsible for creation of a repository of questions with model answers which shall be continuously updated
  • Enquire into any malpractices committed in any academic program in the faculty, by a University Department
  • Render necessary assistance for redressal of grievances of the students in the faculty
  • Prepare proposals for award of Fellowship, Scholarships and other distinctions in the faculty for submission to the Academic Council.
  • Prepare reports as required by the various authorities or bodies of the University, the State Government, the Central Government, the Central Educational Commissions or Councils, Commission and any such other body
  • Conduct regular meetings with the Faculties to understand their concerns and address them
  • Encourage the Faculties for research
  • Encourage the Faculties to publish papers, write research papers and present it at various platforms
  • Guide the students for admissions and selection of courses
  • Represent MIT-WPU at various conferences, seminars, industries etc
  • Understand the need of the industries and develop the curriculum
  • Set proper evaluation of Faculties and encourage them to raise their standards by higher education/research
  • Shall maintain relations with other academic bodies and be updated with the current happenings in the education sector

Co-Chairperson, Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( 24.04.2019 – Present)

  • University Rankings
  • NIRF
  • Times Ranking
  • India Today Ranking
  • Student Exit Feedback
  • Annual Report

Director – Distance Programmes (24.04.2019 – 29.05.2020)

  • Knowledge transfer for launch of distance programs

Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim (04.08.2016 – 06.04.2019)

  1. Director (Directorate of Distance Education)
  2. Professor (Arts & Humanities)
  3. Leadership and vision to the University Directorate, academic programs, curriculum development, administration and staff development.
  4. Overall Distance Directorate planning and development
  5. Responsible for providing leadership and advocacy for strategic and budgetary planning; Faculty and Staff recruitment, development, and evaluation;
  6. Ensuring excellence and quality in teaching, creative activity, research, and scholarship; community relations; curricular and fiscal management; enrolment and marketing planning; student development
  7. Recruitment and retention;
  8. Program review; and accreditation.
  9. Legal, Regulatory & Statutory compliances, audits and Inspection Visits.
  10. Liaison with Accrediting & Statutory Bodies like AICTE, UGC, State Govt etc.

NIIT University, Neemrana, India (24.5.2010 – 22.09.2015)

  1. Associate Professor (General Engineering, Sociology and Law)
  2. Deputy Registrar (Planning & Development)
  3. Head Student Affairs

Deputy Registrar (Planning & Development)

  • Monitoring Academic Administration, Regulations & Compliance
  • Policy Planning & Making Rules & Regulations
  • Correspondence & coordination with University Grants Commission, India, Government of Rajasthan & other External bodies & their Inspections.
  • Statutory Inspections Visits – UGC, AICTE
  • Delegation Visits – National & International
  • Statutory Meeting Compliances
  • Coordinator, Asian Lenses Forum
  • Coordinator, SAAM Humanities
  • Coordinator, Mentoring System
  • Coordinator, Language Courses – Hindi, English & Japanese,

Registry Matters

NIIT University, Neemrana (24.5.2010 – 22.09.2015)

  • Preparation and continuous updating of Policy documents – Academic Regulations, students Handbook, Examinations Handbook, Student Application Formats etc.
  • Correspondence with Government, Statutory bodies, UGC, AICTE, AIU, GOR, etc
  • Meetings Management Supervision – AC, BOM,  MRM, President’s Meetings, All-Hands Meet, and Invited Talks, Distinguished Lecture Series, Founding Professor Series
  • Constitution of Committees, nominations and renewal
  • Registry part of the work pertaining to University Wide Events
  • Convocation
  • General circulars
  • Compliance report to Auditors & Internal University Auditing Team
  • Attending, Students, Faculty, Parents & All & NU Queries
  • Planning Office Budget

Academic Matters

NIIT University, Neemrana (24.05.2010 – 1.1.2014)

  • Academic Administration
  • Planning & Preparing Academic Calendar
  • Planning of course Allotment – semester/ trimester/ term
  • Student-wise course plan for registration and preparation of registration material
  • Student Registration Administration & Management
  • Teaching allotment
  • Timetable Planning & Time Table Management
  • Classrooms & Labs availability planning & Management
  • Academic Regulations Compliances
  • Faculty Academic Administration  & Evaluation Training & Workshops
  • Attending, Students, Faculty, Parents & All & NU Queries
  • Planning Office Budget

Student Affairs

  • NIIT University, Neemrana (24.05.2010 – 1.7.2014)
  • Student Management
  • Monitoring student performance
  • Student nomination in various Committees and  Events
  • Correspondence with students and parents  – individual and group
  • Organization of Counseling sessions
  • Monitoring Mentor – Mentee System

Head Student Support

NIIT University, Neemrana, India (23.09.2015 – 30.07.2016)

  • Mitradwar
  • Mentoring System Institutionalization
  • Counselling and Advisory

IILM, Gurgaon

(University of Bradford, United Kingdom & Dublin Institute of Ireland, Dublin)

  (9.7.2008 – 21.5.2010)

Associate Professor, Head, Exam Cell

  • Head, Examination Cell
  • University of Bradford – Black Board Management & Training Sessions
  • College Excel Management & Training Sessions
  • Website Management & Administration
  • Student Mentoring
  • Student Counselling Sessions
  • Student Society Activities

National Law University (NLU), Jodhpur, India  (4.7.2001-4.7.2008)

  • Chairman, Sport Committee (4.7. 2001- 4.7.2008).
  • Chairman, Cultural Committee (4.7.2001-4.7.2008).
  • Chairman, Literay Committee (4.7.2001-4.7.2008)
  • Chief Programme Coordinator (1.7. 2005-1.7.2006).
  • Programme Coordinator (1.7.2004-1.7.2005)